Thursday, December 9, 2010


This morning when we woke up, the outside thermometer and the weather channel, both said that it was 18* here ! Hello Winter in Campbellsville Kentucky ! Last cold snap had the temps down in the low 20’s, so we put a light bulb in the plastic barrel that we covered the water hydrant with. It made a difference. When we came in from work I plugged in the truck’s engine  water jacket heater and noted the temp at the barrel. I had placed a pulp thermometer in the top vent hole and it read 40* ! Not bad when it is 18* outside with a bit of a wind chill factor. Here is a look at our salvaged from the roadside ditch barrel and set up.


This photo taken at the day’s high of 32*, the temp in the barrel is 70*.


The highway construction barrel had been flattened by a truck then left in the ditch when the construction company left. We straightened it out and put it to use. It is still a bit warped, but works for our use.


A power cord runs to it for the light bulb inside and then one cord runs to the trucks engine heater.


Both the bathroom’s and the kitchen’s 42 gallon gray water tank’s  valve’s stay open in very cold weather. Yep, both tanks will hold a total of 84 gallons of grey water.

Our black water tank is 46 gallons and the valve for it and the bathroom tank are up in the heated belly of the fifth wheel. They operate smoothly in freezing weather because they can’t freeze unless the furnace is off.


You may remember that one of the first setup chores that we did was to fill and hook up our 100 lb. propane tank. This morning’s check of it’s level showed the liquid level to be about half full. Here’s hoping it makes it till’ we  leave for home !

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Bill K said...

If those temps stay that low you may not make it.

When do you leave for home?

Good luck.

Bill Kelleher