Thursday, December 23, 2010


Being a tow dolly newbie, I had asked a lot of questions, around the campfire, of tow dolly owners. One thing that I wondered about was, on the first tow, on the way home from the factory, would the fully inflated tires cause the dolly to bounce or jitterbug. I had seen one being towed empty out on the interstate, with sand bags strapped down on each side. Campfire wisdom was that if it did, I could simply deflate the tires from 50 PSI to 20 Psi when jitterbugging happens while towing empty, sand bags wouldn’t be needed. The first tow proved that the dolly just didn’t bounce or jitter at any speed when empty. That is good news, for when our completion date is reached reached, we will immediately leave out to be home for the holidays, towing the  empty dolly behind the fifth wheel.

The campground owner told us that we could park the dolly in front of a rental cabin that is usually unused this time of the year, giving us more room on our campsite. Here is a look:


We are counting the days until we head home for CHRISTmas.

Update: Our stint at Amazon has been completed and after a day of rounding up our stuff and getting ready, we departed the Indian Ridge Campground .

We are now in Norman Arkansas for a couple of days catching up on visiting with home folks.

We pulled the tow dolly with fully inflated tires and no extra weight on the dolly for about six hundred miles. This photo was taken after overnighting at Gander Mountain in Jackson Tennessee as we prepared to get underway.



  Here,  we are beside the kin folk’s driveway with the tow dolly still attached.


So, over the six hundred miles, how did the dolly tow ? Good. But there were times when interstate 40 was just plain old rough, that it did jitterbug, but not real badly. I would expect that with the small Nissan 4x4 on the dolly, it will be just fine.

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