Saturday, December 25, 2010


Early this evening we will have a casual family get together at a local family style restaurant that has a wonder full buffet.  The main idea is to relish in each other’s company without the worry of food preparation or any kind of dress code. Tables will be slid together in the banquette hall and we will be a little loud. Yeh, it will be extra cool for us since we have been out on the road for many months.

I expect that I will be called out on some of my controversial and possibly questionable moves and atrocious behavior during last evening’s Mexican Train domino match, the one that I won. Oh well, I guess that it is time for me to take my lumps ! You may have heard the “big Boy’s” talking about what goes around comes around ? Well, I was certainly “dishin’ it out” last night, so, I expect that it will come home to roost for me tonight. He, he, what can I say, after all, I earned it didn’t I ?


In honor of the occasion, I will be wearing my prized   Indianapolis Motor Speedway, official logo, less than half price, extra discounted, XXL size, tee shirt for the occasion. See the above photo.

It had the coolest hologram tag on it:


He, he, it don’t take much to entertain a red neck does it ? Well,the dinner is over now. And as expected the domino game came up a number of times. All in good natured family “joshing”.

It was a good time with great folks ! Here are some photos to show the setting and the gathering:


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