Sunday, December 12, 2010


The forecast low for Tuesday of next week is eight degrees ! Shazam ! Now, throw in a little wind chill and that’s a challenge for RV’ers ! So, to prepare for that event we drained and rinsed the black tank and made sure that our sewer hose has no swags in it to hold freezing water and stop up. Then we topped off our fresh water tank so that if freezing happens in the county’s water system somewhere, we will still have  water. Our generator is in the truck bed and ready should power go off. We test ran it, topped off the fuel tank and made sure we had a couple of extra gallons of gasoline for it. We also added anti gelling additive to our diesel tanks, we have nearly 100 gallons of it onboard at this time. We still had the blue windshield washer stuff in the reservoir, it was beginning to freeze up, so we ran it out and replaced it with the orange “no freeze” stuff.

Bought a few groceries after breakfast at the Huddle House, it’s our day off, and I guess we are ready to “hunker down” and “weather out” this Winter storm that’s coming in.

I expect that this very hard cold front that is to arrive on Tuesday, will provide a “gut check” for RV’ers that have been struggling through the last cold spell. Some folks here decided that it was just for a few weeks and hardly worth serious Winterizing. The lesser cold spell, just past, spawned stories of frozen faucets and toilets with neighbors having to get water from lesser frozen or un frozen friends. Soooo, it may well be gut check time next Tuesday.

We have been working a little overtime so far and are scheduled to do the same next week which will likely be our last full week of work at Amazon. We may have a day or two to work in the last week before being released to head South down I-55 towards Nashville Tennessee and on to Arkansas.

Update: We heard the official release date at work last night, December 18th. Oh Yeah ! It won’t be long now. Also the forecast has been updated to 12* but the radio station in Columbia is saying the wind chill will be at –1* !!

It will be good to visit with loved ones over the holiday’s !


Happy Trails said...

You and Betty just snuggle up close and stay warm! Gonna be 12 degrees in Apalachicola FL Tues! Brrrrrrrr!

B. Schell said...

Sounds like your well prepared. Be sure that some heat can get to the plumbing and faucet for your outside shower. I took my travel trailer to Oklahoma this weekend and it was 27 degrees this (Sunday) morning.