Sunday, December 19, 2010


We worked the inbound receive dock’s RAMBO,  for manager Emerson. Talk about a real motivator ! Emerson was a pleasure to work for. The last night there, someone put a bug in his ear  that it was my birthday, and he sang Happy Birthday to me in Portuguese at our stand up meeting after lunch.


There was lots of motivation in the form of incentives, that I know always meant extra work for Emerson and his staffers.

He was always on top of the flow of the product and moved along the lines handing out the gold coins for performance. Our last night there Betty had several that she used in the vending machines.

I lost track of how many hot spots we reached our goal on, and were in a drawing for discount cards, gift certificates and so forth. One night Betty and I each received a $25 dollar Kroger gift card. There were many times when we would go out to eat on our day off and we would have a $5. discount certificate to pay on our meals, that we had received at work.

So, how was our over all experience here at Amazon’s Campbellsville Kentucky fulfillment center ? It has been great ! It is like, Toto, we ain’t in Kansas any more !

During our exit interview, various managers all the way up to the Plant manager, sang our praises for our part in breaking many records for performance. Ashley remembered that it was my birthday, which was quite a feat because there are over four hundred workampers here. Gifts were passed out, then the next night we turned in our ID cards and the peak season was over for us. Even the security officers were shaking the hands of the departing workampers and welcoming us back for next year.

We made so many good friends while here, that saying good by was hard on us. As focused on numbers as Amazon is, I hope they realize what a valuable asset their wonder full team members are. Each day we were at Amazon, it was readily apparent that it was the PEOPLE that made the difference in our time there.

Next year they hope to be able to employ one thousand workampers !



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Thanks Ron, I got it done also.

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