Monday, December 27, 2010


One of life’s simple pleasures for us is to sleep in on a day off, while working here at Amazon, then go to the Huddle House for breakfast. With one week left on our assignment here, we are both beginning to feel the fatigue that many hours on our feet brings.

In this photo Betty studies the menu carefully, looking for that special item to reward her self with.


We are counting the days until it’s over. We will work an extra half day on Tuesday, three full days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then Saturday will be our last day.

We will likely rest up a bit on Sunday then leave for Arkansas on Monday.

Post script:

Windows live writer is such a cool thing ! It lets us capture these special moments while they are fresh on our mind and save them until we have time to upload them to the blog.

Note the glare off of the several inches of snow that is coming through the windows, and the fatigue on Betty’s face. This was our last days off before the completion of our job at Amazon.

As we post this entry, we are getting ready to move on over to Vandervoort .

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Lee and Loralie said...

Any chance you all will be coming further west this winter? With triple towing I know you're not going east - are you???