Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This blog post isn’t to scare folks, but, rather to give them100_1234 a heads up about100_1231 what to expect

should you visit this wonderful seashore.

For example100_1233 when you see a 15 mile per hour speed limit sign, not only is it there for a reason, but there are those that just ain’t gona’ do it.

100_1232 The signs about

debris and tar on the beach is only common sense.

100_1259 As are these two.100_1260

Here is a look at a blob of tar. It is not a problem during the Winter, you can even walk on it. However in the Summer  .  .  .  when it’s hot  .  .  .  .100_1261Most of the warning signs are just common sence and we have seen the mostly pretty small hazards as we came across them.100_1270However, we have not seen  or heard anything about Africanized bees.

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