Friday, February 5, 2010


Early in the morning as the high tide wanes, we found this Buck Deer with one antler broken off.  He was standing atop the barrier dunes looking towards the surf. We paused to watch.

Padre Island Whitetail Buck Horn Broke Off

Soon on this foggy morning the Buck became less and less concerned about our presence, and came on down to the beach.


Halfhorn Buck browsing along the beach

Our Jeep being white on this foggy morning may have helped for soon he was browsing along the beach in front of us as we idled along behind him.


Halfhorn Leaves as Truck Approaches

As a pickup truck began to approach from up the beach he became more and more agitated, and soon bolted over the dunes out of sight.

It was another perfect day of beachcombing on Padre Island.

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