Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was the FFA Parade. The future farmers of America sponsor the rodeo and the parade here in Katy Texas. It was cool, but clear and sunny for the parade today. We went and enjoyed a two hour long parade right on main street. Here are photo and videos of the parade.

Police Motorcycles led the parade.

A pickup full of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders ended the parade. In between the two was two hours of fun and enjoyment.


One high point for me was when I saw two kindred spirits connect somehow, in the large mass of humanity that was the parade. Maybe it was because of the colors, I don’t know, but it went like this. A very large street legal monster truck in the parade was grumbling slowly along in the parade, with the driver throwing candy occasionally. There were sirens wailing, people chanting, bands playing, loud exhaust blaring, yet somehow, the driver and a young man’s eyes met and kindred spirits recognized each other. Auto enthusiasts seem to just be that way, I think. Pointing right at the young man, the monster truck driver, perched up high behind the steering wheel said, “ I have one here for you”. I don’t know how he heard it, I mostly read the driver’s lips, the young man somehow knew it was right, left his Mother’s side and in front of the large crowd, approached the monster  truck. Here is a look. Amazingly, I snapped the shutter at just the right time:

100_1458 There were several semi trailers of FFA Chapter Members.

100_1454 100_1433 100_1434 100_1435 100_1437 100_1439 100_1442 100_1443 100_1444  100_1446 100_1447 100_1448 100_1449 100_1450 100_1451 100_1452


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