Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Early in November of 2007, as we were headed home from Hohenwald Tennessee with our newly purchased  Oliver travel trailer, we overnighted at Sam’s Club in Jackson Tennessee. It had been a long day, what with the orientation and delivery process at the Oliver factory. We found a spot where the parking lot lights were shielded by trees next to a small grassy island, we knew that the dogs would appreciate that grass early in the morning.

The trees also shielded the traffic noise from the interstate highway somewhat. It didn’t take long to be fast asleep.

It took even less time to come awake as I sat bolt upright in the bed at 0430 hours. Something making a loud roaring sound had  shook the trailer. We didn’t have the jacks down so it actually shook the trailer.

My first thought was that a racing go-cart had ran up under the trailer.

Hastily dressing, I stepped outside to try to figure

it out. It didn’t take long. Then I was tickled at myself and my sleep groggy imagination.

It was a contractors parking lot vaccum sweeper mounted on a one ton truck.  Still groggy and yet, somehow, tickled about it, I videoed the YouTube video that has been viewed by sixteen thousand people at the time of this writing. Here is that video, shot with a cell phone at 0430 hours in the morning:

Overnighting at Sam's Club

Strangely, somehow, some folks derive some negative meaning out of the commentary, possibly because of my very slow, sleepy commentary.  However, by far, the majority of viewers realize that we were the ones sleeping in the Oliver that were just jarred awake.

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