Friday, February 12, 2010


U.S. Coast Guard patrol presence on Padre Island is greater than we have seen in years past.

This short video clip was taken at sundown at the Bob Hall Pier. Our fourteen day stay limit had been reached and we moved out of the National Seashore’s Malaquite campground to the Padre Balli campground, right in front of the Pier.

The much photographed and uniquely shaped 100_1279 water tower with the sea turtle painted on it is barely visible on the horizon.100_1272 Satellite dish and beach treasure bucket are on the ground, were’ home at Padre Balli county park and campground. Click on the photo to make it larger for better detail, and in the background you can see just how close we are to this fishing pier of some note.100_1273 100_1274 Betty’s  family came here all of the time when they lived here as children.100_1275 100_1276


Bill K said...

That helo sure wasn't looking for anything or anybody at that speed.

Bill K

mountainborn said...

Given his direction of travel, I expect that he was heading for the Naval Air Station at Flower Bluff, just across the Laguna Madre from where the video was taken.