Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Stuff that drifts up on the beach comes in all forms. We are constantly amazed at the never ending supply of debris. Here is a look at some of it:

Friends Brian & Sharon share a hot tub with Betty, It has washed up 50 miles down Padre Island.100_1380 Jelly fish.100_1174 Star Fish100_1175Container.100_1221 100_1252 From Galveston.100_1261 Tar.100_1262 Shoe tree.100_1318 Dolphin.100_1332 Rope pile.100_1334 Fender.100_1336 Trailer.100_1343 Wrack line.100_1374 John Boat.100_1375 Coca Cola Box.100_1376 Kiddie 4x4100_1378 Buoys.100_1379

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Cute assortment of debris! Great shots. Bobbie