Monday, February 22, 2010


One thing about beach trophy’s is that there isn’t much invested in them. Sometimes the simplest things, with a little thought, can be fun, and even a useful campsite item. We already had a couple of yard sale solar sidewalk lights. But the Malaquite campground is all asphalt covered and there was no place to put a solar light in a traditional manner. And, there are no electric lights in the campground, except in the bathrooms. So solar lights, when we let a dog out at night, would come in handy, not to mention saving on the coach battery’s. We first saw some solar lights on one of the neighbors cement picnic table. They were in a container with beach sand in it to hold the lights up straight. Later we saw a couple of lights in a jar with small sea shells in it. Betty couldn’t resist. It was going to happen. Here is Betty’s completed project.

100_1409 Finding the fruit juice jars, locating the tiny shells, cleaning them so that each tiny small shell would glisten through the clear jug, took a bit of time.

The half gallon jugs hold down a tablecloth on the picnic table and are heavy enough that a good stiff wind can’t blow them over. However should they be knocked over, the plastic jug won’t break and can just be sat back upright.

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Bill K said...

Tell Betty she need's to adjust the one on the left, It is not plumb. LOL

Bill Kelleher