Wednesday, February 24, 2010


33* outside our window here at Camping world in Katy Texas. Snow flakes drift gently down as we near the end of  a very cool rainy day. A lazy day for us. Toured several brand new RV’s with sales staff friends. Man, were they ever big. Some ideas were good, some bad, and some were just plain old ugly.

They told us that this past Saturday they had sold seven new units. Three of them were large class A’s. Maybe the economy is turning around somewhat. We can only hope. I mean, hey ! We would like to order a new 22’ Oliver with lots of solar and batteries on it. Bet we would leave the King Dome off this time, to make more room for solar panels.

As Betty sits across the small dinette from me and we chat, our conversations keep drifting back to good times at Padre Island. I remembered one day when I was grumbling a bit about being stuck inside while I paid bills on the internet. Here is a short video about that grumbling session. It seems like it was actually a pretty good day compared to today:


Looks like it is time to turn the cube heater up a notch and hunker down to weather out the snow.

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