Monday, February 8, 2010


Nueces County Texas has a RV Park  on Padre Island. We spent a couple of days there.100_1316

Here is a few photos we took of the place during our stay.


Each campsite has a covered picnic table. Ours is covered with beach treasures.100_1291 100_1292 Here is the water and electricity hookups.

100_1294 100_1295 Our neighbor while there and his electric powered Quadra cycle.100_1296 We were issued two key cards to access the showers and bathrooms.100_1297 100_1298 100_1299 The laundry room was the real weak spot at the campground. The other dryer quit on Betty.100_1300 100_1302The washing machine was full of sour water where it had also quit on someone. 100_1303 100_1304 100_1305 100_1306 100_1307 A beach parking permit wasn’t needed where we were.100_1308The below rates weren’t all of the charges. They won’t take a check, and, there was a $3. charge to us for using a credit card. My question to the attendant was, 100_1309 do you carry that much cash to the beach when you go ?100_1310 The health trail was cool.100_1311 100_1312 100_1313 100_1314 100_1315

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