Saturday, February 2, 2013


Although Rural Electrification was in progress, it hadn’t reached us yet. We still used kerosene lamps and a console battery radio. The neighbors would walk 3/4 of a mile using carbide headlamps to listen to “The Grand Ole’ Opry” on that battery powered radio. Here is the way the old home place looked when we got back home from Hawaii.

Alma My4

Another view with Great Gran Ma.

Alma My2

It wasn’t long before I was roaming the woods, getting the refresher course on things that they didn’t have in Hawaii, things like, stinging nettles, copperheads and poison ivy !

Alma My7

Note that I hadn’t been back home long enough, when this photo was taken,  to shuck them shoes, yet.

Alma M21

I thought that it was pretty cool to have a CHRISTmas tree in the back yard ! That didn’t happen in Hawaii.

Alma M16

It didn’t take long, when warmer weather arrived, to get rid of them shoes, shirt and remember the sublime taste of fresh watermelon !

Hawaii had been pretty exotic alright, but being back home in Arkansas was paradise !

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Jill said...

Heartwarming post. Thank you.