Saturday, February 9, 2013


Put the boat in the lake and just went “muttin” around, running sonar to take a look at underwater terrain structure’s and to relocate some old brush piles while checking out what  fish are hanging out on them.100_3532

The sign’s and the sign posts had all been repainted and were looking good. Went to Twin Creeks and to Big Fir on Lake Ouachita.


It was one of those “bonus” days that we enjoy so much and I was in a tee shirt all day, with no jacket.


The water temperature was 51*, the wind was almost non existent, the sun was bright and the lake surface was smooth. It was the perfect day to make the first trip to the lake and make sure that the boat performed well under full load.

I looked slowly and carefully in likely places for signs of early Bream nesting activity. I found no signs this early.


Bill K said...

If you want to make the deg. symbol
like this 51° you hold down the

Alt key and key in 0176

you key in your number then Alt0176
and the deg. symbol will appear.

Bill Kelleher

Ps I think I just repeated myself.LOL

mountainborn said...

Cool ! Thanks Bill !

Bill K said...

If I use the numbers at the top of the keyboard it doesn't work, but will work if I use the number keys on the right side on my keyboard.

Bill Kelleher