Thursday, February 7, 2013


Before we put the boat out on the water for the first time each pre-Spring jug fishing season, we like to service the engine and lower unit. It might seem like overkill to some, but we feel that it is a investment in the future of the boat. Here is a look at the “stuff” we use.


The four quarts of oil aren’t all motor oil. The three on the left are 10-30 weight, and the oil filter is in front of them. Laying by the oil filter is the water hose hook up for cooling water. Sure, even though the boat is fairly new, we will test run it before leaving out to the lake.


Here is a closer look at the gear lube and pump to fill the lower unit. This little plastic pump is $15, so put it back for next year’s servicing !

When we put the boat in the shed for the months that we are out on the road , we carefully measured and put marine sta-bil in the gas tank , to insure a clean start this fishing season.


Yes sir-ree ! She fired right up and broke over into a smooth four cycle idle that is characteristic of the 60 HP Mercury engines.

LAKE, we got it on our minds !


B. Schell said...

Those Mercury 4 strokes are sweet running outboards. A friend of mine repowered his boat with one and it's so quite and smooth. It was quite a change from the previous 2 stroke Mercury the boat came with. Have fun at the lake and catch some big ones.

mountainborn said...

You are right ! One of the things that we like about it is it's smooth quiet power.