Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Oh, yeah ! We done gone and done it ! Years ago we bought a small utility trailer to haul stuff to the lake, ect.. It needed tires and a few other things. This week we looked the trailer over carefully as a part of getting ready to go to the lake in a few weeks. And, it needs tires again ! Wow, has it been that long ? So, yeah, you know what comes next, it was time to retire. Here is a look at the tires, the old and the new.


The wheel is rusted out around the valve stem.


The old tires were on 8” wheels and the bearings ran pretty warm at highway speeds. The new tires are on 12” wheels which really should help with the bearing temperatures, as well as the handling, out on the highway. The old wheels were rusting out and keeping the flats fixed was beginning to be a pain. Only one out of the three would consistently hold air. Yep, it was just time to retire the utility trailer !Here is a look at the un-finished project.



You might note that the trailer sits quite a bit higher now, and, I think that’s a good thing !

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