Sunday, February 17, 2013


This Sunday was a nice day for a visit with friends  that are camped out over at the Big Fir campground on Lake Ouachita. When we arrived, Rick was cutting firewood for their neat wood stove in their “schoolie”, or school bus camper. Here is a look at their great campsite.


Our conversation during our visit covered a lot of ground, everything from it being down to 20* last night to the likelyhood of the Bream spawn being early this year. We were comfortable in a tee shirt at 64*, while there.  We concluded that every sign that we could think of told us that everything else seemed to be arriving about a month early this year ! Here is a look at their camp from down by the water.


Rick and Jo like to stay hooked up to their trailer this early in the year, just incase of a rapid lake rise or severe weather. Sounds like a good idea to me, since it is almost spring time and those kind of things are likely then. There was a Bass tournament going on and we could see several boats zooming back in for the hourly weigh in, so, they were catching something that was big enough to give them hope of prize money.

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