Thursday, February 14, 2013


As we worked in Betty’s Niece’s Gift Shop, we began to figure out early on, that it was a very, very, busy place on Valentine’s day ! Autumn  had called to say that her usual delivery crew was going to be short handed, and she could use some help. We thought, “how cool that could be !” 100_3542

A sound like unto a prehistoric bird of prey, tore through the air, on a regular interval, as latex and mylar balloon’s were filled with hydrogen, tied, and then released to rest suspended in mid air, against the ceiling.

The constant ringing of the telephone as orders came in, and the counter staff making notes and completing transaction’s, added to the cascade of sound that filled the room. Every available space was taken up with flowers, arrangements and keepsake’s.


We filled balloon’s, cut ribbon’s and loaded car’s, to make delivery’s, and for awhile, it looked as if we weren’t making any progress. The Ladies that had been assembling the order’s had covered us up !


Load after load of Valentine surprises went out the door to School’s, places of work and homes. It was somewhat of a relief to get away from the noise and activity of the  shop, to go make delivery’s. Then there was the coolest part of all,


Enjoying a smile with the receiver’s of the  gift’s at each stop.

So, how was our Valentine’s day, you might ask ? Wonderful, absolutely wonderful ! We got to share many Valentine’s day’s all around the area !


Jim & Linda Mossman said...

As usual, great writing. Feel kinda like you are there...
Jim Mossman

Bobbie and Jim said...

What a fun experience!