Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As I wrap up the utility trailer tire and wheel project, I start to gather up stuff for my next chore. Here is a peek.


We have used 55 gallon barrels for water transport and storage in the past. They are tough enough and hold up well, but, they were a bit hard to clean and sanitize. The bung was handy for the placement of a hose bib, but small, and access to the interior difficult. Here was our solution.


A large top opening and a water faucet. The 12 volt water pump is laid out near the faucet. Here is a closer look at the top and the pump.


The finished project will let us do extended stays at primitive campsites on the lake. We will be able to haul and transfer fresh water and when we carry the blueboy , we can carry black water to the dump station where we get water. Lake, we gotter’ on our minds !

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richies said...

Looks like an ingenious solution.
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