Thursday, January 31, 2013


Waikiki beach with Diamond head in the background has always been a very photographed place. As a child it was one of my most favorite of places, though there were few buildings there, in contrast to todays view.


In this old photo that was damaged while digitizing it, you can see that there just isn’t much in the way of urban sprawl to damage the natural beauty.

Alma M7

Here I am playing in the surf. Note that the beach is quite a bit steeper than today’s beach. The building of an artificial break water stopped the natural erosion.


It was a much more laid back time in the islands  and fuel rationing during World War II still had everyone on bicycles. A shopping trip to the base exchange on a bicycle, was a much different experience as you can well imagine !


In this photo of Dad walking down Hotel Street in downtown Honolulu, there are very few cars. Today that street is bumper to bumper nearly 24/7 !

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