Saturday, January 19, 2013


We have always striven to add redundancy to our RV’s various systems, and our black water system is no different. Our first fall back to the standard dump valve and hose, was to add a 35 gallon blueboy  portable black water tank. It has served us well, but we could see many times where a macerator could really add to our black water options.


We decided on this Flojet portable that operates on 12 volts, from our battery bank, for boondocking situations.


As space and weight is ever a concern for us, and we have never liked the large space required for water hose storage, we chose two 50’ hoses for the system carefully.


They are 5/8” inside diameter for full flow and made similar to a fire hose with a nylon outer shell. Here is a look at the compactness of the whole system.


Small and light weight, the system has served us well so far.

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Chris Dunphy said...

Thanks for the photos - I've been contemplating adding the same to our bus arsenal.


- Chris //