Saturday, January 5, 2013


It is a symbol of honor, suffering and accomplishment, yet as hard as it is to attain, it is only the beginning. We looked up the final resting place of an American Hero that had earned the trident, and carried it and all that it represents forward.


We had came to pause and reflect on this hero’s service to America. We had brought a small token of respect for his maritime environment. Others had also brought small tokens to show their respect. Some can be seen in the various photos.


Most of the small items will evoke a particularly powerful emotion from those with military service, though they have little or no value, to the civilian.


The date on this cloth patch will tell the story and tear at the heart.


Compare the date on the patch to the date on the military marker.


The back of the monument is simple and to the point. Much like the lives of the quiet warriors that we have been privileged to know.


richies said...

We don't honor these heroes near enough. Happy New Year!

An Arkies Musings

richies said...
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likestocanoe said...

Larry, thank you for honoring this American hero in your blog.

likestocanoe said...

Thank you for honoring this American hero in your blog.