Monday, December 31, 2012


One of our favorite campgrounds is a primitive one not too far from our docking port.  It is called Big Fir Campground and it is located out on Housley Point In Lake Ouachita. The two Ouachita Rivers, North and South are on each side of it.


When we went to town to get propane, they were closed for lunch and we drove over to see what it looked like in eight inches of snow.


The weight of the snow and the wind had broken some tree limbs off.


The outhouse is up in the trees further and the snow had accumulated more.

We discovered that the squatter up on the upper loop is still there after two continuous years.


Here is a look at some of the tree limbs that are down.


The old hand pump well house.


The center loop campsite


Looking East down Lake Ouachita.


The lake is down right now and the sand bar in the foreground is usually under five or six feet of water.

It’s gona’ be great to cast a few jugs and eat a few catfish there this Spring !

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