Thursday, December 27, 2012


We love a Jeep ! We have the coolest adventures in the various jeeps that we have owned. But they ain’t a pickup truck. We compensate for that somewhat, by putting a cargo basket on the back. Hauling all kinds of stuff, you might think that we had seen it all. But, not so ! This was a new one for us. Here is a look.


The bare place on the cargo basket is where the propane tank was strapped down. Here is what it looked like.


Now, that ice in the valve will make it impossible to fill the tank at the propane place ! Oh, my, now what to do ? Here is the redneck fix.


The Jeep provides another solution ! This is the exhaust melting off the ice so the tank can be filled.

He, he, ain’t Jeeps cool ! Here is a look at the Jeep yesterday.100_3456

Here it is today.


Yepper’ we been out a’ Jeepin’ and though the dually is still snowed in, the jeep is melted off. Happy new year everybody !

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