Monday, December 17, 2012


For my 70th birthday, Betty took me out for a birthday breakfast date. We were on a day off, so we had slept out by 0530 hours. One of the few places open to eat at that time of day is the Huddle House. They have a breakfast that I like called the MVP breakfast. It has a little bit of everything, waffle, eggs, bacon, hash brown and biscuits with gravy.


Coffee as we waited and a large cold milk with the meal. Here is my wonderful date sipping on coffee.


It was a wild celebration  ! We even listened to Sirius XM’s channel 60, Outlaw Country !


It was a pretty wild time alright, I expect that the 911 center received several calls about our atrocious behavior,  and I still can’t believe we managed to get out of town without the Police getting involved !


Bobbie and Jim said...

Well, have a fun day, Birthday Boy!!! You sure know how to live it up! LOL

mountainborn said...

Hi Bobbie And Jim ! Yeah, what with me being the black sheep of the family and all, everyone kind of expects that.

Dave and Susie said...

Boy Howdy...nothing like being 70! Happy Birthday! Hubby just turned 70. Fun times for sure.

Happy Trails said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!