Friday, December 14, 2012


Orange Juice and a honey bun while checking email, is kind of a early morning ritual, as Betty prepares breakfast.


Sitting in the office slide out with the television on a news channel, I catch up on world events and weather for the day. One of the slide out’s window valance’s is just the perfect place to put my cell phone while it is charging.100_3442

Thus it has been for the four years that we have been full timing in the fifthwheel. However, today as I adjusted the window shade, I bumped the phone  .  .  .  .  .


Prompting the most accurate high dive into the orange juice. The laptop was ok, but the phone was immersed. I immediately grabbed the phone and jerked the battery out. Then put it in front of the electric heater after drying it with paper towels.


I waited nervously for hours before I powered it back up and, SWEET !, it works !

Did I ever get lucky or what !!


Emily said...

Keep rice on hand for next time and cover, if the heater doesn't work. Worked on mine when it went thru a complete wash cycle.

SeaDawg said...

After drying with towels, I've heard that placing the phone and battery (separated) into a bowl of uncooked rice helps. Y