Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today was one of those special January days that Ouachita Mountaineers experience from time to time. We drug some toys out of storage to get ready for some LAKE and Jugfishin’ !


The tarped down trailer to the right has our bait traps and fishing jugs, as well as the battery charger for the boat.

The boat is backed in by the 5er, ready for an oil change. We’ve got lots of stuff to do, but it won’t be long before we’re at the lake enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Big Fir campground on Lake Ouachita, we gotter’ on our minds !


likestocanoe said...

When are you heading that way?

I know you will have a ball!

mountainborn said...

Hi LTC ! We are making day trips on the pretty days, but will move the 5er over for two to four weeks during April. We are wanting to take the grands and the great grands on a day of geocaching in the boat after it gets a bit warmer. It sure would be good to share a campfire with you guys !

mountainborn said...

Sibling rivalry ? My Sister Candy said, " Now show us the one of you in a hula skirt... I double dog dare you"
You know, my Sis has always had just a little bit of a mean streak in her ! He, he, you see Sis, in Hawaii, real men wear grass skirts. To meet your challenge, I have written a blog entry that shows that very photo, with flower behind my ear and all ! Soon to be continued . . . . . .