Saturday, September 18, 2010


The mud from the sugar beets is a very rich black river bottom mud. When it is on your clothing for a twelve hour shift, your clothing is usually permanently stained.

Because of the weather changes, during the course of the twelve hour shift, the clothing that works best are the high tech fabrics. The fabrics such as polar tec that will wick away moisture while keeping the wearer warm and dry.

If you have priced high tech fabric clothing, you know just how high priced it can be. So, there in lies the problem. No one wants to give two to four hundred dollars for a high tech coat and have it permanently stained the first hour on the job.

Our simple solution is to shop for our work clothing in the local thrift stores such as the Salvation Army Store.

You never know what you will find when shopping at thrift stores. And a slow and careful look around will often reveal hidden gems such as this Eddie Bauer fleece pull over. Cost $2.50.


Or this great multi zippered fleece jacket. Cost $3.


Betty found these great Dickies flannel lined jeans for $3.



We did a quick search for thrift stores on my cellular telephone and came up with a list of six that could be clicked on to bring up a map.  Soon we were off and running to the first one. Here is a look:

100_2119 100_2117 100_2118

Some of them would even take plastic which is cool because you have a receipt for the work clothing that will come in handy at tax time.



Happy Trails said...

I prefer recycled clothing!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love the way you shop we have found good stuff that way also.

Kathy and Robert said...

My kids and I have shopped at Thrift stores for years. You wouldn't believe who I have seen there! (They asked me not to Kathy