Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Topping and lifting the sugar beets is at the start of the harvest. Here is a look out in the fields where that happens:


First the beets are topped.100_2144

Then they are lifted from the ground into a truck.100_2145 100_2146 100_2148

Here is a Beet in the field.

Now when it’s mostly dry, the equipment above will get the job done. But if it’s wet, the equipment and the trucks will have to be pulled through the fields with a tractor that looks similar to this:


Man, oh, Man ! Twelve tires on a tractor that steers by bending in the middle !


B. Schell said...

Interesting. That's BIG time farming. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Trails said...

WoW! Glad the MotherShip doesn't have 12 tires like that!!! You and Betty take it easy when you can, enjoy your days off!