Monday, September 20, 2010


Our current thermos jug is a small stainless steel jug that holds two cups of coffee. It is great for our use as it holds the last of a pot of coffee from breakfast. Two cups of coffee are just right for Betty and I as we are moving on down the road. They were especially appreciated when we made our two day blast across America’s Heartland from South Colorado to East North Dakota, a 1300 plus mile trip.


We are at the Sugar Beet harvest now and our needs have changed. We will be working 12 hour shifts at night during all kinds of weather changes. Two cups of coffee just won’t get it done under those conditions. During our shopping trip through all of the local thrift stores for work clothes, we had with us a list of items that we could use should we come across them at an attractive price. One of those items was a larger thermos jug.

Betty found this new one with the instruction folder still in the top of it. Here is a look at Betty’s $2. bargain:


Note the capacity increase.


We were especially pleased pleased to note that it has two cups that screw on to it.


Were there other thrift store bargains that we found ? Yeh, you know there was  .   .   .   .   .   .

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