Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today was our first day off during the pre-pile season at the sugar beet harvest. We slept in and then went a couple of blocks to the Country Hearth restaurant for steak and eggs ( $5.99 ), sweet !

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Then we checked the mail and went to wash the beet mud off of the Kawabunga Truck. That’s when the fun started. Because it is a inside carwash and a bit different we took photos and a short video. The video ends suddenly as I began to realize that we had a problem. The car wash was just too small ! Here is a look:


The cost for “the works” , you know, wax and all of that stuff, and the code to be entered is on the register receipt.

100_2109Here is a look at the entrance. Though the height was ok, it looked a bit small. We were getting a bit nervous at this point.


Key pad for the “code” to be entered to start the “follow the instructions” process.

We entered the code and started to slowly ease into the car wash with the video camera running. Here is the video:



The lady at the register in the store reset the car wash and watched as it wouldn’t clear the truck again. She graciously refunded our money and told us where there might be a place to wash the Kawabunga truck at. We still had the pre wash soak solution on the truck and the trailer park manager let us rinse it off at the trailer park.


Thank’s Betty ! Let’s go see if we can find that car wash !

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