Saturday, September 11, 2010


Two days before we were scheduled to close the campground, lock the gate and head down the mountain, at the end of our season of managing  Trujillo meadows, we received a voice mail from the sugar beet harvest. The pre pile was starting early there in North Dakota and they would hold a job for us, but we would have to make a quick trip.

Our plan had been to visit Tumbleweed and Earth Dancer in Spearfish South Dakota. Their plans had changed, kind of like ours had, and they were up in Yellowstone.

We would make all haste on the most direct route. Our truck and fifth wheel trailer are 55 feet long bumper to bumper. We normally get around fourteen MPG with the cruise set at sixty two MPH.

That wouldn’t happen this trip. The speed limit was seventy five miles per hour and we had the cruise set at just under eighty. Yeh, I know, geeze …

As the the speedometer crept up, the miles per gallon plummeted. A couple of stops for a little sleep, then, forty eight hours later, we are in our Rv park in North Dakota.

Then, the rain started, we wouldn’t start work until Monday morning.

Naturally, that meant that it was time to go Geocaching. Since we were here in Hillsboro last year, a lot of new caches had been placed. He, he, it didn’t take much to get us off and caching.



Jim and Bobbie said...

I don't even want to think about a fifth-wheel going down the street at 80 MPH!!! Oh, horrors!!! Glad you are safey and sound. Happy Monday.

JOJO said...

WOW 80 MPH oh shame. Glad all is well and you are both safe. Enjoy your new job.
I am still fighting with myself to go home. So I have started making plans to travel in the Motor Home as soon as I get my new registration. Grandson called said the motor home won't start. I guess they didn't run it enough to keep the battery happy.

Pete said...

"Holy schlissel, Batman! did you just see that 5th wheel pass our Batmobile?!!? They must be beatin' feet to the beet harvest. Bet it's 'Livin'-on-the-edge-Larry' blasting though to his next adventure!!"

Oscar said...

Hey Dillon! Why are you letting Larry get away with that? Next time his right foot turns to lead give out a low growl or something so's he'll slow down and make sure ya'll get there safely.

He won't not listen to anybody else, but he'll respect his partner's warning. Take care of him, buddy!