Thursday, September 23, 2010


Meds out on the road. It can be a problem, stopping at a drug store to get them to call somewhere to get a copy of your prescription faxed to the pharmacist.

Many of us choose the simple and expedient method of having our Doctor fax the prescription to the local WalMart pharmacy. Then, after that, no matter where we are in the lower 48 states, just stop into a WalMart and drop the empty bottle off for a refill while we shop. It has made our travels quite a bit simpler. After our annual Doctor’s visit, he faxes our prescriptions and we don’t have to worry with them for the next year.


Until today that is !

Last year while in North Dakota for the Sugar Beet Harvest, we had filled our prescriptions in Alamosa Colorado, just before leaving there. This year we had enough meds to last for a couple of weeks here in North Dakota. Today we were ready to refill our meds and went to the local WalMart’s pharmacy.

To our surprise they were not a WalMart pharmacy and were quick to tell us that they didn’t have access to WalMart’s prescription data base. They would have to call the doctor to fax the prescriptions. They also told us that North Dakota had no WalMart pharmacy’s !

We went eight miles to the East to Moorehead Minnesota and found a WalMart pharmacy, dropped our bottles off and went shopping.

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