Wednesday, September 15, 2010



When we were looking at buying a truck to pull a fifth wheel trailer with, we didn’t even have a trailer located yet, a friend on the sales staff at DeQueen Ford called. He said, “I have just taken a truck in that I think will do everything that you need it to do”.

The F350 1 ton dually had a 6.4 liter diesel engine in it with two staged turbo chargers. He was right. Though we tend to carry everything we can think of, our trailer’s title weight is under 6 thousand pounds dry. We haven’t weighed it yet, but guess that we might have two tons of “stuff” loaded in it.

That would still place us at or below ten thousand pounds or five tons. The F350 is rated at twenty six thousand pounds GVW.

As we departed Trujillo Meadows and started the steep descent off of LaManga pass, 3000 feet in five miles, I thought “KAWABUNGA” !  Very much like the Ninja Turtles, just before they would get into some heavy action.

Then I began to laugh to myself. It fit quite well. The 3000 watt Yamaha generator in the bed of the truck has a home made rain cover that I have fashioned out of  a plastic sand box cover. The cover has a turtle hull design on it and was green.

As we talked and laughed about it, the name “Kawabunga Truck” seemed to stick in our minds as we made our recent 48 hour blast across America’s Heartland.  The Ford has been the Kawabunga Truck ever since then.  I wonder if I might need to send an apology  email to Donatello and the Ninja Turtle crew    .   .   .   .   .   .   .100_2107

Any body know how to translate Kawabunga into Spanish ? I think that would look good across the tailgate or maybe the rear bumper.


Charlie and Peggy said...

I thought I saw it squatting just a bit with the trailer hooked up. Might try a set of those Timbren rubber springs. Made mine level right up.

American Daze said...

Sure will be glad the day I get a diesel....(drooling)...very nice...KAWABUNGA!

Jim and Bobbie said...

Nay, I tried using Google Language Tools to convert it to Spanish and it came back as "Kawabunga"...guess you're just stuck with it :)

mountainborn said...

Yep, I think you are right ! Kawabunga seems to mean Kawabunga in any language thanks to the Ninja Turtles.