Friday, September 17, 2010


There is something about the world’s largest harvest that catches the attention and inflames the imagination. It is a pretty cool thing to be a part of the harvest that feeds so many people around the world.

As we talk about the harvest, people are always asking questions about it. When we describe how large the operation actually is, sometimes folks look at us with incredulity, so, we try again to paint a word picture that will help them to see the scope of the thing.

There are three pilers at this location. This is just one of them. Think about how wide and how long this one pile of beets is, then think about the pile being thirty two feet high. This one pile was worth many millions of dollars last year.

Here is a roll by view of one of the more that one hundred piler's that belong to the company that we work for. There are other company’s also. As the video starts you can see stacks of pipes on the left and right as the camera moves down the middle of the area where the pile is placed. The pile is so large that it will cover the area on each side where the pipes are, and will be 32 feet high. Here is a look:

Piler Drive By


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Interesting how much a can a person make? How hard is the work?

mountainborn said...

Not too hard work. Pays straight time, time and a half and double time. Runs 24/7 except for weather breaks.

Bill K said...

You may have said it before, but what are all the sections of pipe for ?

Bill Kelleher