Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dear Verizon, based on your past performance, I just knew that somehow you would take unfair advantage of our business relationship. This news article confirms that for me.$2-to-pay-your-bill-online/

I guess that when you arbitrarily decided that unlimited internet was a 5 gb maximum, I decided that you couldn’t be trusted. Consequently, I kept my paper billing when I started paying my bill on the internet. Even though the internet bill pay is less expensive for you, sadly, you want to penalize me a $2 fee for saving you money !

Did you do the math ? The cost of a stamp and an envelope is well under $1. I can save myself money and it will cost you money, to process that payment.

Public loss of trust and confidence in Verizon may well cost you an exorbitant sum.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Amen!!Just one more way to stick it to you and break it off..

Happy Trails said...

Thank goodness they blinked and backed down! No more $2 fee. They will find some way to sneak it in when nobody is looking!


JOJO said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Betty and Larry!

And yes Verizon is bad news.