Monday, January 9, 2012


As our time at Amazon came to a close, we knew that we were tired. But hey, we were supposed to be, for we had been working long days.

What we didn’t have a good handle on, was that we were also coming down sick. We had similar symptoms, so we thought that we had picked up a bug somewhere. And, that in a couple of days, it would be gone. Wrong.

Hooking up the fifth wheel in the rain didn’t help any, and a clue I should have picked up on, was that I was running too warm while working in a tee shirt, though it was raining. Now, you would think that at our age, we would know better. But it had been a year since we had been home and we were ready to get there before CHRISTmas.

The first day we only made it to Jackson Tennessee, thinking we might overnight on the Gander Mountain Parking lot. Something that we had done before. This evening, it didn’t work out though. After a couple of hours we realized that our congestion was much worse when laying down. By then I knew that we should have changed into dry clothes instead of turning the Kawabunga truck’s cab heat on high and drying out on the road.

We hit the road again, though we were just absolutely dragging by now. And, by then, we had figured it out, we were sick.

To make a long story short, we made it on in to Arkansas and parked in Betty’s Sister’s driveway.

The next time the Doctors office was open we were there.

She had a severe sinus infection and I had pneumonia. No wonder we were just dragging around !


Dave and Susie said...

Ouch! Take care of yourselves. Hope you are feeling better by now.

JOJO said...

Sure hope you are both much better now. You need to take care.

mountainborn said...

Thanks everyone ! We have turned the corner and are well on our way to being as normal as can be. We are beginning to think about fishing.