Sunday, January 15, 2012


A day on the lake enjoying each other’s company. We scouted for signs of bream in the pre spawn. It was just too early yet. No visible signs of pre spawn. The water temperature on the sonar.


In mid January, it’s just too early yet for the bream to be thinking about spawning. We also put a bait trap out to get a look at the bait fish.


Here we are getting ready to launch the boat. Note the sobering sign in the foreground.


While cruising through Mountain Harbor marina we took this photo of the fuel islands.

Here is a short video of passing under the bridge into the marina.

Joplin campground bridge

This picturesque bridge is over a narrow, shallow cut that is sometimes difficult to navigate.

After a great day on the water, we went into Hot Springs to celebrate our anniversary at the Outback steak house.


Followed by purple shakes at the Purple Cow.


Yep, it was a pretty wild night out on the town for a couple of old geezers !



After such a wild night of revelry, we finally came dragging back home at the very late hour of 7:30 PM.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Congratulations to you two!

Happy Trails said...

I am glad you two went out and celebrated your anniversary! How many years has Betty put up with you Larry??? Hahaha! :-)

JOJO said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.