Saturday, January 21, 2012


It is just a short ways to either of the lakes ( Greeson or Ouachita ) from our current location.


The look of the turn off into Kirby landing has changed a bit. Click photo for a better look.


Weston point site 89 was our last years campsite. It is just above the small sheltered inlet where the boat is protected from the powerful Spring time winds that come out of the East from time to time.


The site has full hookups including sewer.


50, 30 and 20 amp plugins at each pedestal.


There is a set of steps that lead down from site 89. The large old Oak that was dead last year has been sawed down for safety by the USCOE contractor. Lots of just the right size limb wood for all of those evening campfires !

It’s early yet, but, we’ve got it on our minds and we are a’ lookin’ !

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Happy Trails said...

So are ya plannin' 'nother catfish gathern' of friends this spring???