Thursday, December 22, 2011


Working as one of Amazon’s Elf’s during the CHRISTmas season is a busy time.

But busy not only means work busy. There are other things going on at the same time. Other things that are not only motivational but are fun too. Here is a look at some of those things. 


Every so often a bingo number is posted up on a very large high definition TV screen, located just a glance above our computer terminal screens, at the front of the receiving  line.

A stereo system plays music as we work and on one night each week we have a DJ night where our requests are played. Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise has gotten pretty popular as cold weather is setting in.

We also have a brief “minute to win it” type contest after our lunch time safety and production meeting. Gift cards are a popular item, and we have gotten a few for various things such as perfect attendance. Here is a look.



The gift cards are worth $5. each, and they are small performance rewards, as the gold coins are. Betty has used the coins in the vending machines in the break room where they have an old fashioned Nu Grape soda pop that she likes. It is a cool way to touch base with a taste from our childhood memories.

Oh, we are not just playing all the time, we work hard and go home tired at the shift end. But we are having fun as we set new records and make history.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Good post, Larry. Glad it is coming to an end for you for the season. Drive safely.

Happy Trails said...

When do you two head for Arkansas???

mountainborn said...

Just arrived in Arkansas in the wee hours of this morning !