Thursday, December 15, 2011


Our office slide out has a couple of desks in it that we mostly use for our laptops. It has been pretty cool to be able to quickly  jump on the internet to access back ground information about a fast breaking news story on the television. Today while in town on a day off from work, we picked up a cable that we would need to display our laptop’s screen on the much larger high definition screen, Here is a look.


Should you click on the photo to see it in a full size view, you can see that we are on the Happy Trails blog web site. Geri is a professional photographer and always has the greatest photos. When we display them in a slideshow mode up on the large screen the detail is absolutely stunning !

As you can see in the photo there is a significant difference up on the big screen.

One of my favorite uses for the big screen is when balancing the check book or paying bills on the internet. The laptop is on one desk out of the way, and I have the check book and the wireless mouse over on the other desk, while watching the large screen .

Often I will have more than one instance of internet explorer running and switch between them as I access the calculator function at each step.  Those much larger displays make it so much easier.

This photo is one of my favorites. It is a reminder of a great day out on the water. Betty and I were picking up the jugs with our friend Pete. Pete took the photo. It is currently our avatar on facebook. In thumbnail size it is obvious what the photo is. When enlarged on the laptop more detail is available. But, when it is up on the office slide out’s 32 inch high definition screen, you can see ever so much more detail. It is easy to tell that it is early Spring and also early morning. The boat is new and the color is startlingly fresh. This is a beautiful thirty pound blue catfish and I had just turned around and said, “ Now, this is what I’m talkin’ bout’ “.

This was one of several that we put back in the lake that week. Here is a look at the display on the big screen.


On the big screen all of the small details show up that made it an exemplarily morning, even down to my old worn and softly comfortable bib overalls. Pete had the presence of mind to capture the moment, and now, the big screen lets it all be shown.


Charlie and Peggy said...

Why put the 30 pounder back in the lake?

mountainborn said...

We put lots of thirty plus fish back because they have more value to us in the lake, spawning thousands of more catchable catfish. We generaly catch way more than we can eat and every one takes home gallon freezer bags full of carefully trimmed fillets. The bigger fish aren't as good tasting, or so we think. The state record blue catfish is above 111 pounds.

mountainborn said...

The biggest that we put back last year was a little over fifty pounds.

Happy Trails said...

Wow! That is one big screen!!! Wonder if I can get Chuck to do ours that way! I want to introduce you to The Bayfield Bunch Blog! He and his wife boondock all over and he has a very interesting blog with great photographs! Take a looksee!

mountainborn said...

Geri, it makes those slide shows really stand out ! Seems like you guys have the same entertainment center that we have ? That means that all it takes is the right cable, then use your remote for the TV. We feed ours into the surround sound in the trailer. Right now we are catching up on TV shows we missed while working, in full stereo. We are streaming them down from the internet. We don't have a DVR or anything.