Thursday, December 8, 2011


CHRISTmas wishes to everyone from the Indian Ridge campground, high above the Tebbs Bend Civil War Battlefield.


We are enjoying a much needed day off from’s CHRISTmas rush season. Taking our time, and an occasional nap, as we catch up on the little things around the house. You know the kind of small things that you are just too busy to get to during the work week.

Here is a short video, taken on this beautiful Fall day, from our living room window, as we laze around and think of being home for the holidays.

CHRISTmas Wishes from the Tebbs Bend Battlefield


Pete said...


Pete said...

Well, DANG! the last time I tried to leave a comment, Google wanted to know everything about me down to my dog's middle name . . . so I bolted!

I came back to see if they still wanted it, hence yo got the gobbledygook seen above.

Glad you've survived the AMAZON RUSH. After the new year do you have plans to head south for Texas!

Sharon Scofield said...

Merry CHRISTmas to both you and Betty! Hope that when you leave in a few short weeks that you have safe travels home for the holidays.
I have survived my first season with Amazon with a few bumps and bruises and sore muscles.
Yes, I will do it again next season-but shooting for Fernely NV since Brian and I plan on touring the West for the next few years-it will be easier on the pocket book and the motorhome.
So what are ya's plans after the holidays? Going to warmer weather for a few months? How about Quartzsite AZ? Take care and miss ya both!!

mountainborn said...

As you may remember, we started work on a docking port for our fifthwheeler, last year. So, if it's a mild Winter we will work on it. But if it's a hard Winter, we will bail out for the National Seashore down near Corpus Christi.

JOJO said...

Happy Holiday's Betty n Larry.
Be safe on the road as always.