Monday, December 26, 2011


The taillight parade has began ! Thursday morning at 0230 hours, C and D shifts met in their C break room to recap the season and fill out our exit interview forms. On the side of the large room was tables covered with all types of fruit and other goodies to enhance the mood of the celebration. We were ramping down after another very successful Peak season. Amazoner’s measure their time in the number of peak seasons that they have served as Santa’s Elves. This was our third.


Note the round pin attached to the ID Badge lanyard. Click for large view.

The new records, there were so many that they all began to run together. However one thing was clear , we had shipped over five million items and received over two and a quarter million items !

We celebrated last night at the Huddle House restaurant with others from work. We ate too much way too late. I had the golden waffle platter with a side of hash browns.

Looking across the corn field to the highway, large Rv, after large Rv, is rolling by though the sun is barely up. Everyone wants to get home to their loved ones before CHRISTmas. The taillight parade is in full swing !

Lots of the neighbors have already hooked up their tows, here is a look.


It is a bit foggy as we start to round up our stuff. It’s time to fold the chairs,


roll up the rugs and load the extra propane tank. We’re headin’ for Arkansas !


Those that have not had sewer hookup, dump on the way out of the park. The dump station is located near the Laundry, showers and restrooms.


Though it rained a few days, it was much better than snow ! We will wait until we get home to wash the truck.


Here is a look at what some of  the loot looks like.


Tee shirts, small prizes in the goody bag, gold coins and gift cards, all in all, quite a cool send off from Amazon’s SDF-1 facility.


Phil and Rudee said...

have enjoyed reading your posts. We are looking into working at Amazon next season. Our family is in Indiana so are wanting the Campbellsville location so we can spend Christmas with them next year.
Enjoy your time off.

Phil and Rudee

mountainborn said...

Thanks you guys ! We have enjoyed reading your blog also ! Hope to run into you up there, we have campsite #61 at Indian Ridge campground reserved for next peak season.

Irishrover said...

Well! Jumped on your blog and quite interesting. Decide to stay here at Green River Resort Campground until the end of Feb. Got a good deal from the owner. I Start the 1st of Mar. at Yogi at Mammoth Cave, KY. until mid May then down to Beech Bend B.G. KY untilt the end of Sept. Maybe back here for 2012. Enjoy your Mt. home!

mountainborn said...

Rover, congrats on the cool gig at the cave ! We hope to see you next year !

Happy Trails said...

Finally, you can take some well deserved time off to enjoy your family and rest up! We love ya!