Thursday, December 1, 2011


One of the small tokens of appreciation at Amazon’s SDT-1 fulfillment center, are gold coins that can be used in several ways. Their actual cash value seems to be in the neighborhood of one dollar. Or, that’s the value of a large Coke in the vending machines where the coins will actually work just like regular currency. Here is a look.


In the short time we have been here they have fed us a meal at lunch time on two occasions, and extended one lunch time by 15 minutes, so we could relax and enjoy the meal.

In this fast paced blue collar working adventure, those small things are greatly appreciated.

As the management team constantly makes adjustments to the flow of product, both inbound and outbound, associates can be moved from one job to another. This makes for a blue collar working adventure that Betty and I both enjoy.

All too soon the CHRISTmas rush season here at Amazon will be over and we will be moving on down the road.

As the month of December arrives, we are thinking more and more about our pending move to S/W Arkansas to be with Family and Friends for the Holidays.

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