Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving week at Amazon’s SDF-1 Fulfillment center in Campbellsville Kentucky. Though the “peak season “ is underway, we have had a couple of short days. One for VTO, voluntary time off, and one for the Holliday. So, between us we have put in a quite easy sixty eight hour week.

The VTO is over for the season and the fifty plus hour weeks begin. That will mean a hundred or more hours between us, each week until we are released just before CHRISTmas.

Across the battlefield a patch of sunlight has broken through the clouds and the old fort site,  above Tebbs Bend is standing out brightly, on a overcast day.

Thank you to the Men and Women that serve America to keep it free. You are the reason that Betty and I can enjoy the lifestyle that we enjoy so much.

I remember back when I was serving, way off somewhere in a strange and dangerous place, that it was good to know that folks back home were having a great meal and giving thanks, and that some day, I would be giving thanks while others served.

That day has came for us, thank you America’s Military ! We keep the home fires burning for you.


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