Sunday, November 13, 2011


As we travel around America’s Heartland, we find ourselves in different internet availability situations. Here is a look at how we are connecting at our current location.’’


As we watch the Arkansas vs Tennessee game, that is pumped into the fifthwheel’s surround sound system, we are , writing a blog entry, and downloading a update on the other laptop. Both laptops are connected to the internet, each in a different way. One by 3g device and one by cell phone tether. Our third way to connect would be via the campground’s various wi-fi signals that are present. Here is a look at the  campground’s various wi-fi signals that are available.


Having multiple internet methods sound expensive ? Nope, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Here is look at our smart telephone tether, hanging by a fly swatter handle to get it away from signal blocking metal and the television behind it gives it some directional ability towards the nearest cellular tower.


The other laptop is hooked to our air card 3g device. It is also on a short USB cable to elevate it. Here it is, held in place with a bread sack tie twist.


In one of our locations, DSL is available and our cell phones just are not going to work. So we use our centurytell provided DSL modem, our fourth way to connect.  Here is a look.


Having lots of inexpensive internet options keeps us up to speed with family and friends as well as to be able to pay bills and look for cool blue collar work adventures.

I guess that the bottom line for us is that though it isn’t expensive or fancy, it does work for us.


JOJO said...

You sure are inventive. I am having a time just trying to stay connected at home. I am going to try giving Verizon another shot. I need something to work at home and on the road. I have great wifi in Lakeside so not a problem. But don't want to stay put all summer again.
BTW hope you and Betty are doing well.

mountainborn said...

Hi Jo ! We are doing well. Hope you and yours are also. Maybe Verizons 4g smart phones could do everything that you need. They will support several internet devices at one time.

JOJO said...

Thanks Larry, I, will stop there tomorrow and talk with them.