Thursday, November 10, 2011


Working indoors is something that we just don’t care much for. We would just as soon be outside experiencing the weather, what ever it may be.

Having said that, I remember those bad Winter days last year, when there was 1/4” of Ice on the ground, with 4” of snow on top of it. That building that we would rather be on the outside of, felt pretty dadgum good !

As I sit typing this in our office slide out, this is the view.


We have completed our orientation and safety schools at, and are now working on our two weeks of five hour days that Amazon calls “work hardening”. This is to get us ready to work those ten and eleven hour days during the CHRISTmas rush season that many call “crunch time”.

It has been a joyful time to reunite with our Amazon family.  So many have moved on up the chain of command and now have bigger jobs with more responsibility.

The inbound receiver’s now have a new training program that is done on the actual receive station. We all wear headsets to follow our instructors as we do the various drills that make up the course. It is a good experience that refreshed last years skills and gives us new skills to work with.

Each day we will have a couple of hours of training and a couple of hours of hands on work.


Dave and Susie said...

Which Amazon service center are you at this year? Looks Campbellsville. Is it?

mountainborn said...

Hi Dave and Susie ! Yes, Campbellsville, Kentucky. This is our third year with Amazon, one year at Coffeyville Kansas, and two at Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Bob said...

I'm sort of new to your blog. What is Amazon and what are you doing that requires all that training. What kind of training.

mountainborn said...

Hi Bob ! It is the world's largest internet catalog mail order company. We are recieving and shipping all of the stuff that Amazon sells, during their CHRISTmas season. Betty and I are in the inbound side where we recieve stuff into the fulfillment center in Campbellsville Ky.

Dave and Susie said...

Then you know our friends Jim and Bobbie Chapman. They worked there last year and the year before at Coffeyville, KS I beleive.

mountainborn said...

Dave and Susie, yes, Jim and Bobbie are missed this year. Bobbie was a coach and Jim was on the inbound side, last year. We were at Coffeeville in 09', that's where we met them. We had some great campfires at their campsite !